Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide children struggling with autism a safe place to call home. We want to create an environment for adult children with autism to thrive and enjoy all of life's adventures such as skiing, hiking, snowboarding, surfing, and horse riding, along with intensive therapy modalities and so much fun!"

As Charlie approaches young adulthood, we knew we needed to do something we knew we had to do something different to provide adult children with autism a safe and happy home where they can live semi-independently. From skiing in Aspen to beach days and surfing in Malibu, our dream is to provide adult children with autism a conducive living environment and safe activities that allow children to grow and thrive. Our goal is to provide the latest technologies and therapy modalities, including chelation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and neurofeedback, with fun activities that children like Charlie can reap the benefits of.

Did you know a HABRI-funded study that investigated the impact of a pet dog on families with a child with autism found that families showed significant reductions in family difficulties and in parental stress over the long-term? We want to provide emotional support animals to every child. Equine therapy helps children with distress tolerance, emotional awareness, independence, social relationships and self esteem. Adaptive skiing programs help children work on their motor skills, coordination, trust building and interpersonal relationships. No matter the activity, we want to give children the space to grow and learn while providing a safe, fun, and supportive environment.

A message from Charlie

"My Dad has noticed that when he takes me to the park, I love to be in the presence of other kids, but I cannot quite figure out how to connect with them. Dad says that my dog will help me engage with my friends, and make new acquaintances.

Something that I hope my dog will do is to help me calm down when life gets chaotic. Because when I am hurt, or scared, or angry and cannot use words to tell anyone, it can be so frustrating! Mom and Dad say that my dog will give me unconditional love, and that he will understand me when no one else can. And I have an update… Looks like I will be getting a dog soon!"



Guided skiing, snowboarding, and winter sports!


Surfing in Malibu with Charlie’s helper.

Equine Therapy

Building emotional awareness and self esteem.

Service Animals

Providing service animals to children all over the nation.


Breakthrough science for the brain!

Chelation Therapy

Groundbreaking treatments.